Ram Sonagra – Chief Editor

Ram Sonagra has an experience of about 8 years in editing and content writing, who has recently joined our team serving skillful ideas. He is thorough in the field of tech and science, renewable energy and mining industry. Most of his news comprise of energy, biotech, and materials. As a science person, she loves traveling all around, admiring the nature, observing new discoveries. Involves herself in the natures track-campaign.

Email: ram@theindustryherald.com

Lawrence John – Sr. Editor

Day one started as an intern in the company as a content writer, and today is designated as a senior editor. He has been keen on health, pharma, medical tech, and business sector, also gets himself into current affairs and social events. A foodie person who likes to enjoy eating at new places with his friends in the spare time.

Email: lawrence@theindustryherald.com

Sonal Patil – Sr. Editor

Coming up from a technology background, Sonal is working on gathering information and stats that can be helpful our readers. Besides this, she enjoyed writing news on tech gadgets, current affairs in industry, listening to music, reading books, be part of camping and as usual that every girl enjoys to do is traveling new places. Apart from this, she likes to gather information related to forthcoming tech gadgets in the industry.

Email: sonal@theindustryherald.com