More Teens and Kids in the US Are Attempting Suicide

A new study has found that kids and teenagers in the United States have started thinking more about ways of committing suicide. There has also been an increase in the cases of attempted suicide. When it comes to the number of attempted suicide, it has almost doubled in the period of 2008 to 2015, the study said. At the same time, there is no confirmation on the number of kids who have been thinking about ending their lives. Although proper reasons have not been proven for the thoughts, depression and stress are seen as common causes why the increased tendencies are here.

The study was published in a journal named Pediatrics and has gained the attention, since the rates have to do with mental health. There were earlier reports that more US citizens, especially adolescents, were facing the issues of depression and stress. Dr. Gregory Plemmons, an author of the study, added that “There are increasing rates of anxiety and depression in youth and young adults. Some people have theorized that social media is playing a role,” There are also differences based on the gender of the kids. Most of the reported cases were involving girls, while the number seems to be low on boys.

The study had taken inputs from various sources such as the hospital records. The researchers recognized, studies and analysed the number of children who had visited hospital in response to suicidal thoughts. It also considered the number of attempted suicide, as reported in children’s hospitals across the country. The study also underlines the importance of weather on the suicidal rates, as it added that Fall and Spring — the normal school time — have seen the increased number of cases. The main author also added that he doesn’t find the findings surprising, since the number of young people with depression has been on a rise for quite some time.

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