More Than 9 Million People In the US Suffer from Depression

According to the research published by Blue Cross Blue Shield, around 9 Million people in the United States are currently suffering from the issues of depression. Compared to the number of 2013, these numbers of 2016 have to tell a lot about the mental health situation of people in the US. It has to be noted that the nine million people mentioned in the report are commercially insured. The report talks about Major Depression, which has faced a raise of 4.4 in diagnosis rate. It does not come as surprise, since the mental health aspect has been on decline for some time.

The research data adds that “a key reason for the lower overall health of those diagnosed with major depression is that they are likely to also suffer from other health conditions. Eighty-five percent of people who are diagnosed with major depression also have one or more additional serious chronic health conditions and nearly 30 percent have four or more other conditions.” In addition to these, data from Blue Cross Blue Shield also makes some serious comments on the differences based on gender. According to the data, more women are diagnosed with major depression when compared to the number of men diagnosed with the same.

Faster rates of depression are observed among teenagers, adolescents and young adults, which is alarming while considering the future. This would mean that the mental health of US citizens would stay in decline for the decades to come. The research data also analyses the impact of social media usage on the thoughts of social isolation and other issues. The preliminary research has found that the social media usage is directly proportional to the higher rates of social isolation, but the company added that deeper studies are required in analysing the impacts of this relation.

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